WilSon Enery Sevices

Wilson Energy Limited offers a complete range of service solutions across the energy chain, from where the energy or water enters your premises through to where it is used or consumed. This allows our customers the flexibility to choose any part of our service offering or indeed the whole of our services.

We provide the following range of services:

  • Initial site survey
  • Supply, advice & technical support
  • System design services & product supply
  • Turnkey installation
  • Equipment operation & maintenance services
  • Funding options
  • Data collection and aggregation
  • Bill validation and verification
  • Monitoring actual consumed energy
  • Detailed energy analysis
  • Sub-metering
  • Building management controls
  • AMR and aM&T
  • Billing, pre-payment and bureau services
  • Renewable’s
  • Energy Efficient Technologies

Please contact us for information relating to any of these services by visiting our contact page.