Energy Reduction Schemes

Where our customers have advanced Energy Reduction Strategies in place and deployed, WilSon Energy are able to compliment these via the addition of ground breaking technologies backed via a solid business case. That said, where our customers are only starting out on the journey to take control and reduce their energy consumption, we are able to work with you to formulate a phased approach and more importantly ensure that the low hanging fruit is highlighted and capitalised to deliver sustainable improvements to the bottom line of any business.

It is a strong belief of our company that Energy Reduction Schemes should not begin with significant capital outlay, but in place, a review is undertaken to ensure that they very most is achieved from exisiting plant plus via education of staff, cultural changes are brought about.


Renewable Technologies

The implementation of Renewable Technologies can be a potential mine field for any business and WilSon Energy is able to provide an unbiased approach to the applicability of such technologies, including realistic payback.

What is of paramount importance within any project is the ability to take full advantage of the numerous incentivised government schemes that exist, such as The Feed In Tariffs, RHI and CRC and we are able to help in ensuring the right measures are in place to maximise the returns possible.

In reality, the Payback of such systems may not meet the capital approval requirements laid down by our clients.  To assist, we are able to offer competitive finance packages to allow said projects to become a reality.