Exclusive Partners


As a specialist energy systems integration Company, we bring together some of the best products available in the market, to deliver a total solution to our clients needs, backed up by technical experience and support.

We hold both exclusive and non-exclusive agreements with the following organisations:-


KaMo Systemtechnik

  • WilSon Energy are exclusive UK distributors
  • KaMo has been established for 26 years, with an annual turnover of Euro 45 million, employing 140 people
  • Products are supplied throughout Europe, North America and North Africa
  • Supply of products and solutions to the UK market for over 8 years with over 16000 units sold and operating
  • OEM partner of Bosch, Elco. Viesmann



Kamstrup Heat Energy Meters

WilSon Energy are principle distributors for Kamstrup Energy Meters – a market leading product used in over 40 countries worldwide.

  • In-line Ultrasonic Meter with no moving parts
  • MID approved for use with billing and RHI scheme
  • Long life, maintenance free operation
  • Low pressure drop
  • Long battery life – up to 16 years or mains powered
  • A wide range of communication modules
  • Significant advantages over lower cost mechanical type meters, servicing and ongoing maintenance


Mobix Combined Credit and/or Pre-Payment Solution

The increasing demand to go green has led to the need to deploy a reliable two-way communications infrastructure. Mobix’s patented n-DNet™ enhances the reliability of the newtork compared to stand alone RF or PLC solutions without the additional costs that are usually associated with RF and PLC solutions aimed at improved reliability.

 The n-DNet™ Hub is a standalone network interface unit connecting meter and In home display to the Mobix patented   n-Dimensional Network. Meters can be in any combination of electric, gas, water and heat energy, with Pulse, RS-232 or RS-485 or M-Bus outputs. Memory mechanism lasting up to 15 years ensures data and operational integrity including last gasp message so critically important for outage management. As a node on the patented n-Dimensional mesh network, the n-DNet™ Hub communicates simultaneously in parallel over RF and PLC there by guaranteeing continuous reliable two-way communications at a competitive price. System tampering detection, parameter driven abnormal consumption and remote service connect/disconnect are among the smart n-DNet™ Hub unique features.

  • The n-Dnet solution is used in residential applications in both single dwelling and multi tennanted buildings where credit billing and/or pre-payment is required
  • The system communicates Bi-directionally with the secure transfer of data via wireless and plc communication (power line)
  • Meters are read remotely every 15 minutes and provide all comsumption data and where applicable full diagnostic information
  • Remote disconnection in Pre-Pay mode


Payzone Pre-Payment Solution

  • Nationwide netowrk of retail outlets
  • Over 27000 point of sale terminals
  • Urban within 1 mile radius, rural within 5 miles
  • Commitment to new terminals without cost implication
  • Typical transaction fee 35p
  • Fully integrated with Mobix solution based upon payzone requirements