Hydraulic Interface Units (HIU)

WilSon Energy is able to provide an array of Heating and Domestic Hot Water control solutions to integrate with projects based upon a centralised supply of heating and hot water. Our team is able to work with you to determine the most appropriate solution and where information is limited, our engineering team will walk you through the key parameters needed to produce a HIU which is fit for purpose. Furthermore, we are also able to assist with primary plant sizing and primary network sizing.






  Indirect Twin Heat Exchanger

The twin heat exchanger HIU is a fully configurable unit that ensures the reliable supply and control of both heat energy and domestic hot water, thus enabling project specific requirements to be met. It also comes as standard with a Differential Pressure Control Valve and all pipe-work is Stainless Steel with no compression joints and thus significantly reducing the potential for in service leaks. The standard dimensions of the unit are 800h x 600w x 240d, although there are derivatives that are able to be manufactured where there are space constraints.

In addition to the above unit, there is also the option to provide a fully integrated underfloor manifolds assembly and controls. Taking advantage of this option not only allows for a fully packaged solution to be delivered but also provides significant cost savings when comparing to the installation of third party equipment.


 Direct Heating and Metering Station

Where the requirement for an Indirect Unit is not suitable, WilSon Energy is able to offer the option of a direct heating unit with the ability to integrate the required metering equipment to record heat energy usage. Examples of these systems are found on retrofit housing authority schemes.







Indirect Heating Unit with Cylinder Interface

This unit has been designed specifically to provide indirect heating supply and also interface with a copper cylinder and thus ensure adequate local storage of domestic hot water. The unit is able to be supplied with the required controls for cylinder integration or alternatively suitable connection points.

Also of significance is the integrated PM valve which ensures domestic hot water priority on demand, via temporarily diverting all available heat energy to the hot water circuit.