Trafford General Hospital

Formerly known as the Park Hospital, Trafford Hospital became the first hospital in the world to offer free healthcare to all, on 5th July 1948. 60 years ago it was the climax of a hugely ambitious plan. It was the first time hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and dentists were brought together under one umbrella organisation that was free for all to access. It was on this very day that all hospitals were nationalised when the minister of Health came to the Park Hospital to receive the keys to symbolise the birth of the NHS. In 1987, the hospital was renamed ‘The Trafford General Hospital’ to mark 40 years of the NHS.

WilSon Energy has been contracted by Hawkesbury Consulting, one of our key channel partners to deliver a complete automated wireless monitoring system for Trafford General Hospital. Initially focussing on the sites electricity network, installation of sub metering and interfacing with primary electricity meters has been carried out that will provide consumption reporting down to department and ward level.

A large number of meter management units have been installed, together with a split core current transformers to meter all essential and non-essential supplies. Integral to the units are two channel battery operated wireless nodes which transmit data on a 458Mhz frequency. A series of hubs are strategically positioned around the hospital and are networked to send data to the main central receiver which is located within the hospital estates department and connected to a locally based PC where the central energy management software is installed.

The installation work undertaken by our engineers has been carried out within normal and out of hours working patterns, with close liaison with the hospitals facility management team to an agreed shut down programme required by certain critical areas of the site.




Plastic Coatings Limited – West Midlands

Plastic Coatings Limited have been one of the United Kingdom’s leading plastic coating specialist trade applicators for more than fifty years. They apply a wide variety of Thermoplastic and Thermoset Polymers, PTFE dispersions and EP Paint in a variety of applications in almost every industry. The company’s experience in high performance coatings is extensive, supported by leading ‘technical edge’ research & development resource.

Wilson Energy’s metering division, L2 Metering Services, were called upon to specify and supply suitable gas meters to monitor all of the sites gas fired process ovens. As exclusive UK distributors for the Dutch manufacturer iMeter BV, we specified a range of both Turbine and Rotary Positive Displacement Gas Meters, selected for their performance of high turndown and low pressure loss. Each meter supplied, had a pulsed output for remote monitoring, by the companies process based production monitoring system.

George Heeks, Plastic Coatings Engineering

Manager commented:-

“We’ve hooked the meters supplied and Installed by WilSon Energy to pulse counters and data recorders which convert the pulses to a cost value as well as CO2 usage and KWH consumption.

In the production area we can then display what the values of all 3 are for the last hour and for the shift is. We also store the history so that they can compare today’s readings with yesterday / last week or last month.

Also I download the results so that I can chart the energy usage over the course of each day/week. This way I can detect if changeovers/start up times are being met. Also if I compare energy vs temperature I can see if burner is running efficiently. If usage starts to go up for a set temperature it will indicate that burner needs re-balancing”



Gas meters and a full range of accessories are available for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications and different gas types; including bio-gas.

Diaphragm Gas Meters

Domestic G2.5 & G4 (Capacity 4 & 6 M3/hr) including Pre-Payment.

Industrial G6-G65 (Capacity 10 to 100 M3/hr)

Turbine Gas Meters

25mm to 250mm (Larger sizes on request) Flow ranges from 1.6 to 4000 M3/hr)

Rotary Positive Displacement Gas Meters

Suitable for on/off loads

40mm to 150mm Flow ranges 0.60 – 1000M3/hr

Gas Volume Correctors

MEVC Gas volume corrector for correcting pressure and temperature, battery or mains powered. Supplied c/w PT temperature sensor and pressure transmitter. Various output modules on request including MODBUS and GSM communications


Gas Filters, Gas Regulators, Flexible Connectors, Solenoid Valves, Isolating valves, Meter Boxes and Enclosures


County Square Shopping Centre

County Square is Ashford’s premier shopping centre and has recently undergone a £60 million re-development that has doubled its original size.

The recent new development and an extension to an existing shopping center has involved WilSon Energy in providing a turnkey project for metering, automated data collection and tenant billing. Water sub-meters (billing standard) have been installed for each retail customer and also the landlord’s areas, together with a wireless data collection network, which allows remote data to be gathered for energy and water consumption which is then made available on WilSon energy’s on-line energy management system.

A Tennant billing feature allows the Center’s management company to bill each customer for their water usage. The company has just been awarded a second phase of the project to become the center’s energy management partner. This will involve a staged approach starting with the installation of utility sub-metering across the original development in all of the landlords areas. This will allow energy analysis to be undertaken and bench marking to be set. The system supplied will also be providing the building energy performance certificates. (DECS)