About WilSon Energy


We carry a wealth of experience as a team, with each individual also carrying their own unique strengths. The management team has over 20 Years experience within the energy and metering industry, together with an in-depth technical product and systems knowledge.

Strong Project Management Skills exist within the company, which we consider as an extremely important factor in delivering projects on-time and to budget.

Our customers and supply partners value the high level of flexibility and service that an independent specialist company can provide, whilst adapting to new demands, legislation or market forces, this is essential in supporting long term partnering relationships.

Delivering Innovative Solutions

WilSon Energy has a solid track record of experience; working with leading organisations across all industries (some examples can be viewed in the case studies section) offering unrivaled experience with the provision of innovative metering, monitoring controls and data collection technologies.

Whether your project is large or small we bring together a unique combination of experience and expertise to deliver a reliable and scalable solution with the latest technologically evolving solutions.

Wherever You Need Us

We work on a National basis throughout the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

Renewable Heat Incentive

Increasing renewable heat is key to the UK meeting its renewable energy targets and reducing carbon emissions.

The Renewable Heat Incentive aims to accelerate the process. It hopes to do this by providing a financial incentive to install renewable heating in play of fossil fuels.

Renewable heat incentive is a government backed scheme which is first implemented in the non-domestic sector before being introduced domestically.

Generally, the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme is for everyone, such as schools, hospitals, landlords, households and businesses etc. Residential systems are only available in Phase 2 of the scheme.

WilSon Energy can provide support in the selection and supply of Metering that fully complies with the RHI scheme. We are also experienced in undertaking Independent Metering Reports as part of the RHI application process, having contributed to a number of recent successful applications.