New Products

Smart Metering – Retrofit Meter Solution

WilSon Energy has introduced a low-cost and reliable solution to collect data from existing installed, non-pulsed output meters.

The CometXPR60 optical sensing device can be retrofitted to any gas, electricity and most water meters that don’t already have a pulsed output facility.

The device can be supplied as part of a complete AMR system, using a local radio network and a central data concentrator, which then communicates by GSM or PSTN, bringing information back to any remote point. Alternatively, the unit can be supplied as stand-alone device with a pulsed output facility, which can connect directly to any BMS or other data collection system.

New Range of Heating and Cooling Meters

Following the successful launch of the Multical 601 last year, new to the product range is the Ultraflow, in-line ultrasonic energy meter, type 54 for heating and type 14 for cooling. These meters are being introduced over the next few months until the complete existing range is replaced. The most significant benefit, is the new stainless steel body, without any premium in price.

All products meet the latest MID approvals (Measurement Equipment Directive)

A full range of communication modules are available, including; Pulsed Output, MBus, LON Works and Radio.

Steam Flow Computers

The new version of the SuperTrol 2 flow computer is the ES-762 model, which provides two auxiliary inputs for applications such as secondary measurement of condensate return for mass energy/balance monitoring.

  • “EZ Setup”- Guided Setup for First Time Users
  • Utility Metering – Steam, Heating/Cooling and Chilled Water
  • Two Auxiliary 4-20mA Analogue Inputs
  • Auxiliary Pulse Input and Totalizer
  • Menu Selectable Hardware & Software Features
  • Internal Data Logging Option
  • Isolated Pulse and Analogue Outputs Standard
  • RS-232 Port Standard, Provides Power for Modem
  • RS-485 Optional
  • Windows™ Setup Software
  • Stacked DP Transmitters
  • DDE Server & HMI Software Available
  • Remote Metering by Wireless or Modem
  • Attractive Wall Mount Enclosure Option