KEP Products

Signal Converters, Loop Isolators, Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioners and converters are ancillary devices intended to amplify, filter, condition, scale, and convert the low level “raw” signals produced by many transducers and convert it into the desired, industry standard high level signal before transmitting it across a potentially noisy environment. In some cases, a secondary function is providing signal isolation.

Monitors for Process, Level and Temperature

A Process Monitor is a general purpose instrument that is intended to condition the electrical signal generated by a process sensor and scale the resulting information into a display in the units of measure desired by the end user. Additional, functionality such as alarms, analog output, and serial communications may also be provided.

Loop Powered, Battery Powered Rate/Total Indicators

Field indicators are signal conditioner/converter devices with a display. Field Indicators are intended for mounting on or near the flow sensor. They perform many of the same roles of signal conditioner/converters plus that of providing a convenient local display. Many “smart” Field Indicators provide additional, advanced functionality such as sensor linearization.

Rate Monitors, Totalizers, Rate/Total Indicators with Alarms

 A Rate/Totalizer Indicator is a general purpose instrument which conditions the electrical signal generated by the flowmeter and scales the resulting flow information into a flow rate and flow total display in the units of measure desired by the end user. Additional functionality such as alarms, analog output, pulse output, and serial communications may also be provided. Also see the section on flow computers.

Flow Batch Controllers

A Flow Batch Controller is a special purpose instrument which is intended to be used in conjunction with a flow sensor and a control valve to dispense a desired amount of a fluid into a container, tank, or vehicle. In some cases the temperature may also be used to estimate the fluid density from stored fluid properties.

Flow Computers

A Flow Computer is a special purpose device which computes a corrected flow based on information derived from raw input signals and stored sensor and fluid properties information

What are the typical applications requiring a flow computer? Computation of Heat Flow, Mass Flow, Corrected Volume Flow typically require a flow computer. In addition, many flow sensors require linearization to improve accuracy. The flow computer is also used for data logging, communication, remote metering, alarming and control functions. In many cases a flow computer may replace some of the functionality of a small PLC in your application.


Glass Bridge Displays

The KEPC-GB monitors are a series of Glass Bridge TFT LCD Display monitors specifically conceived to match the design and functionality in the commercial vessel market. KEP glass bridge monitors are built with the same rugged design as the KEPC monitors. The Glass Bridge displays allow maximum screen size in the smallest spaces available. The displays can be flush mounted and aligned side by side to save space and form a continuous glass bridge central monitoring system.

They have been designed to comply with stringent approval standards and are designed to comply with ECDIS specifications. All of our monitors are provided with AC power inputs. Special attention has been made in building our power inverter for driving the backlight.


KEPlite Sunlight Readable Marine Displays

The KEP Marine Sunlight Readable Display is a rugged, high-performance touch monitor with wide screen LCD display. It is engineered to survive the most demanding working environment. Housed in a milled billet aluminum case, the slim-profi­le KEPL-21W is lightweight and water-tight. The front-mounted sunlight readable touch screen is vivid and user-friendly.



Marine Computers

KMPC – Compact Marine Computer with i3 Intel CPU

  • Incredible processing power with Intel i3 CPU
  • Massive hard drive storage, starting at 500 GB
  • Power: 9-42VDC
  • Video: Radeon 4200 w/ VGA, DVI, & HDMI
  • Ideal for in-cabin multimedia consoles or for glass bridges
  • Low profile compact case fits in engine rooms, being bulkheads, or in any other available space



Glass Pod Displays

The ‘Glass Pod’ from KEP is multiple Sunlight Readable Displays that are flush mounted to any console or bridge. They are sleek and elegant in appearance.

  • Watertight front ideal for pilothouse or fly bridge consoles
  • Easy installation – Glass Pods shave hours off installation time, equating to huge savings
  • Compatible to multiple switching for easy source selection
  • Serviceable – Displays are serviceable from rear of Pod
  • Cost – Glass Pods save huge amounts of installation time from carpentry to wiring
  • Customizing – we can customize pods for your specific needs