iMeter Gas Meters

Gas meters and a full range of accessories are available for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications and different gas types; including bio-gas.

Diaphragm Gas Meters
Domestic G2.5 & G4 (Capacity 4 & 6 M3/hr) including Pre-Payment.
Industrial G6-G65 (Capacity 10 to 100 M3/hr)

Turbine Gas Meters
25mm to 250mm (Larger sizes on request) Flow ranges from 1.6 to 4000 M3/hr)

Rotary Positive Displacement Gas Meters
Suitable for on/off loads
40mm to 150mm Flow ranges 0.60 – 1000M3/hr

Gas Volume Correctors
MEVC Gas volume corrector for correcting pressure and temperature, battery or mains powered. Supplied c/w PT temperature sensor and pressure transmitter. Various output modules on request including MODBUS and GSM communications

Gas Filters, Gas Regulators, Flexible Connectors, Solenoid Valves, Isolating valves, Meter Boxes and Enclosures