Dock Street – Hull

Dock Street apartments consist of 48 luxury dwellings sited in Hull city centre. The development is situated on the site of the former Danby’s Plumbers Merchants. The six storey timber framed building, clad with various cladding systems and glazed curtain walling, consists of 19 one bedroom and 29 two bedroom apartments. The main contractor is Armstrong Construction.

The utility infrastructure for this building is a provate network where the Landlord is billed by utility companies; through bulk meters. L2 Metering Solutions have been commissioned to supply a complete infrastructure for this site covering metering hardware, data collection and billing.

Metering hardware has been provided to monitor the incoming cold water supply and heat energy meters to monitor energy usage to each individual apartment. The heat meters will be installed into each consumer unit heat control station within the dwelling itself.A MBus twisted pair data collection system with data contractors are supplied to the main contractor and installation carried out as directed by L2 Metering. Each MBus master unit then communicates data from each individual addressable meter via a PC which is ultimately collected by the MBus software. CSV files are then exported automatically into our own billing software. WilSon Energy has been appointed by the client to carry out the billing and revenue collection.

St Williams – Kings Cross London

St Williams is a new residential development within a stones throw of Kings Cross, consisting of 154, one, two, and three bedroom apartments, which a number of are social housing.

L2 Metering Services, a division of WilSon Energy, designed a star wiring network, through a series of cascade units and finally linked to a MBus master control unit all of which was installed by the on-site electrical contractor.

A dedicated local PC sits on site which is the hub of the automatic data collection network. Each meter is individually addressed so information is transferred at regular intervals, with all of the essential consumption data. Information will be exported for off-site billing.

L2 Metering Services engineers commissioned and sealed each energy meter (essential for billing standard meters) and carried out phased commissioning of the total scheme.

Special Points of Interest:-

  • Totally Automated System
  • Individual Addressable Meters
  • Multi-Channel Inputs for gas, water and electricity
  • Hydraulic Interface Units
  • Wired and Wireless Systems
  • Billing and Bureau Services
  • Optional Pre-Payment System

Newport City Homes

Newport City Homes was formed after a stock transfer in March 2009 from the local authority, Newport City Council. Improving the Duffryn District’s heating system was a priority of Newport City Homes, as the site hadn’t undergone any major improvements since the properties were built in the 1970’s. Work started in October 2010 which allowed the new pricing structure to commence in April 2011.

The first year of the new billing systems has come to an end and important information has been gained over the last year with usage reports. Gas consumption has decreased dramatically and residents behaviour has changed since the installation of the new controls.

The feedback from residents is very positive with many seeing a big difference in the cost of the heating in place of the fixed costs.

 Key Features:-

  • Central district heating scheme feeding 100 homes.
  • Supply and commissioning of Ultrasonic Domestic Heat Energy Meters
  • Supply and Commissioning of Wireless ‘Walk By’ Radio AMR System
  • Support Services supplied for database configuration in support of the billing process.

Lace Housing, Springfield Road

  • —Supply HIU (Heat Control Board)
  • Pedigree of Supply (plus full technical support)
  • Integrated Kamstrup Head Energy Meter (billing approved)
  • Water Meter Data Collection through heat meter
  • Fully integrated energy metering system (communal supplies)
  • Integration with domestic system (M Bus Platform)
  • Automated Billing (customer or service operated)
  • Energy Management System Option
  • Experienced Engineering team carry out full on-site commissioning