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Utility metering for billing and energy monitoring


GAS METERS are provided to measure Natural Gas, LPG and a wide range of other combustible and inert gases.

DIAPHRAGM METERS for domestic and commercial applications 15mm to 100mm
Low pressure loss, high turndown, flow ranges from 10 to 100M3/hr
LF Pulsed Output facility. Domestic pre-payment meters either coin operated or by smart card

TURBINE GAS METERS are generally used for commercial & industrial installations in sizes from 25mm up to and including 250mm (Larger sizes on request) where there is a continuous flow of gas. Turndown 16:1 and flow ranges from 1.6 to 4000 M3/hr. LF Pulsed Output facility as standard, with options for MF & HF on some models. Models are also available with electronic display, rate of flow and 4-20 Mamp outputs

ROTARY POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT METERS are used in many commercial and industrial sites and are available from 40mm to 200mm, ideally suited for distribution systems and on/off loads
Exceptionally high turndown and minimal pressure loss, flow ranges from 0.60 to 1000 M3/hr

ULTRASONIC METERS have no moving parts and are generally used for Industrial applications where the meter can be non-invasive (strap on) or fixed in-line.

ACCESSORIES include; gas filters, installation kits, mounting brackets, isolation valves, meter enclosures, gas volume correctors and remote totalisers.


WATER METERS are provided to suit every application and the range offered is extensive to cover the measurement of cold and hot water. Standard mechanical types in the class of A to D include; single jet, multi-jet, rotary positive displacement, woltman and helical vane, other types include electro-magnetic and ultrasonic. All meters can be supplied with pulsed output facility. Specialist meters are offered to measure de-mineralised water, bore-hole water and irrigation water.

ACCESSORIES include; water filters, installation kits, isolation valves, meter enclosures and remote totalisers


ELECTRICITY METERS both direct connected (whole current) and CT operated, in single and three phase versions are available to suit new or existing installations. The meters can be supplied, wall mounted, panel mounted or for DIN rail mounting with pulsed output facility.

ACCESSORIES include; ring type or split core current transformers, summation CT’s and wall mounting enclosures pre-wired with shorting links.


OIL METERS are offered for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, for all fuel grades, viscosity and types of oil. Meters can be provided with a mechanical or electronic display with pulse or 4-20 m/amp output. Common types include; Rotary Positive Displacement, Turbine and Oval Gear

ACCESSORIES include; oil filters, installation kits, isolation valves and remote totalisers.


CHILLED AND HOT WATER ENERGY METERS are generally used where there is a “central heat source” or in such applications as District Heating schemes. A typical system comprises of a flow part (mechanical, ultrasonic or electro-magnetic), an energy calculator (Integrator) and a matched pair of flow and return temperature sensors and pockets. Energy usage is calculated and displayed in Kilowatts, Megawatts or GJ, depending on the size and type of meter. Available in sizes to cover domestic through to industrial applications, all meters can have a variety of communication modules to facilitate remote meter reading.

ACCESSORIES include; Purpose designed consumer control boards with or without heat exchanger, pre-payment systems for residential tenants.


STEAM METERS can be provided to measure saturated or superheated steam to provide volume flow or mass flow (with pressure and temperature compensation). There are many different ways to measure steam, depending on the requirements of turndown, installation conditions (straight pipe lengths) and cost. Lower cost solutions include orifice plate or pitot tube, whilst other solutions include Vortex, Spiraflow and Gilflow meters which have exceptionally good turndown. All systems can be provided with a flow computer, offering pulse and 4-20 mAmp outputs and the necessary associated pressure and temperature sensors.


COMPRESSED AIR METERS identify exact usage of one of the most expensive commodities in an industrial environment. They can be used for providing total and actual consumption as well as for leak detection. A range of outputs are available for linking in with a host of industrial systems.

Specialist metering for process applications
Whatever the medium or substance, WilSon Energy can provide a metering solution. Here are some of the most common types of meters used:-

ELECTRO-MAGNETIC METERS can be used with any conductive medium; they have no moving parts and are maintenance free.

CORIOLIS THERMAL MASS FLOW METERS are generally used where extremely high accuracy is required in liquid and gas measurement.

VORTEX SHEDDING METERS are commonly used in liquid, gas and steam measurement applications; they can also be used in compressed air systems. Machined from a solid bluff body vortices are shed and detected by a piezio electric sensor.

TURBINE METERS generally constructed of stainless steel can be used for the measurement of liquids and some gases. These meters are available with a wide range of process connections including; Screwed, flanged and hygienic (RJT or Tri-Clover).

POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT METERS measure a wide range of chemicals, acids, oils and dyes as they are constructed with various components to withstand chemical attack, this can be plastic, aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Some meters have Teflon coated internals.

ORIFICE PLATE METERS are commonly used in steam applications with a differential pressure transmitter and flow computer or with a simple variable area meter to provide actual usage.

OPEN CHANNEL FLOW MEASUREMENT DEVICES are required to measure large areas, such as ducts, wears, streams and large diameter pipes.

Pressure, Temperature, Level & Flow

Pressure, Level, Temperature & Flow products compliment our product basket. Here is a small sample of the products we supply:-

Gauges, Transducers, Sensors, Switches, Recorders, Regulating

Float, Capacitance, Hydrostatic, Mechanical, Ultrasonic, Radar

Gauges, Controllers, Indicators, Thermocouples, Chart, Sensors

Variable Area,Sight Flow Indicator, Regulators, Computers, Recorders, Control Valves, Switches


Controls products compliment our metering range of products, because accurate control is required as well as accurate metering. Most of the products supplied are used in building services applications, so you have a single source for all of your needs.